Legal Guidelines respects the privacy and rights of all persons who may be depicted in photographs submitted to it. Before you submit your photo, please review the following guidelines to ensure that you are respecting the rights of others. Under no circumstances will accept any photographs that it believes violate applicable law or the rights of any third person.

1. Photos taken under conditions where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as in their home, hospitals, jails, group residences, nursing homes, school or private residences, are generally not permissible unless the person’s consent has been obtained.

2. Celebrities and other persons who have injected themselves into the public spotlight or debate, however, necessarily have diminished expectations of privacy as compared to private citizens. Thus, photographs of such persons in otherwise private locations, such as their homes, are permissible so long as the photograph is taken from a public property or other location where the photographer is entitled to be.

3. Photographs taken outside in a public place generally are permissible, even if the subject is a private citizen.

4. Special consideration must be given to photographs where children under age 18 are depicted. While generally pictures of children taken in public places are acceptable, when consent is required, it must be obtained from the child’s parent. Also, it may be advisable to consider deletion of the child’s name and address or any other information that may be use to identify the child.

5. Photos of passers-by can be used for general news articles such as weather, events or themes, but passers-by should not be cast in a negative, embarrassing, or false light. For example, a person should not be readily identifiable in a photograph accompanying an article on obesity or drug use unless the person has consented.

6. Embarrassing photos of private citizens will not be accepted without written permission from the subject. Embarrassing photos of public figures, however, are generally considered newsworthy and may be accepted by the staff.

7. Photos of public figures still must not depict the public figure in a false light, and there should be a reasonable basis for believing the truthfulness and accuracy of any disparaging, negative, or defamatory photo of a public figure.

8. Users who submit photos of subjects cannot promise or offer the subject any payment of any form, monetary or otherwise.

9. Photos obtained by trespassing are not accepted.

10. Do not cross police or fire department lines without permission to obtain a photograph.

11. When asked to leave, photographers are subject to police authority and must leave when ordered.

12. You are solely responsible for your actions in taking your photographs, and encourages you to take all precautions necessary to avoid any injury to you or your subjects. In no event will accept any responsibility for any physical injury or risk of physical injury where the photographer or subject was positioned in a manner that was risky and potentially hazardous to their health.

13. will not accept any photographs that have been doctored or altered in any way, including photographs with digitally added borders, watermarks or date stamps.

14. Breaking news photographs must be verifiable by either official sources, i.e. the police, or by the submission of articles about the event from a local news source.

15. Photographs submitted by users must be accompanied by accurate information about the photograph including place taken, date, time and sources for verification.

16. Only digital photographs with EXIF (Exchangeable Image File data that is recorded when the image is taken) information will be accepted. For other types of photographs, you can inquire with the photo editor.

17. In general, does not pay for photographs submitted. Submission of a photograph does not guarantee payment or publication.

18. Knoxpixandflix reserves the right to remove any content deemed inappropriate, including photographs that are determined to not fit the theme of current events photography.