Rules of Conduct strives to provide a forum where everyone is free to express themselves and to discuss and criticize the social and political issues that affect our lives.  We believe, however, that the discourse should be conducted in a respectful and intelligent manner.

Thus, we have established these Rules of Conduct that will apply to all participants in  We reserve the right to remove or without notice any posting that, in our sole discretion, violates these Rules of Conduct.  Nevertheless, in the interest of providing as wide and timely access to the forum as possible, we cannot accept responsibility for reviewing, editing or removing any posting or photograph.’s Rules of Conduct prohibit the following:

(A) Postings that are considered obscene, pornographic, abusive or libelous.

(B) Postings that abuse, harm, or threaten other users.

(C) Spam or posting of outside links.

(D) Promotion of commercial enterprises.

(E) Photographs that contain nudity, sexually graphic material, or overly graphic depictions of violence or gore.

(F) Material that promotes hate against any race, ethnic group, gender, age, religious affiliation or sexual orientation.

(G) Postings or photographs that were not produced by you or that you are not authorized to post.

(H) Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to participate in any forum provided by or to post content of any kind.  If you are under the age of 18, you also must have to permission of a parent or legal guardian to participate.

(I) Promotion of illegal or dangerous activities.

(J) Use of automated means to increase votes for postings or photographs.

(K) Impersonations of other people.

(L) Revelation of personal information about other users.Violators may have their comments or photographs removed, or may be banned entirely from participating in the site at the discretion of